Our Projects


WE ADVISE clients on a variety of strategic issues, including:

  • Competitive Analysis
    • Benchmarking Analysis
    • Competitive Overviews
    • Industry Landscapes
  • Business Models
    • Organizational Plans
    • Financial Analysis
    • Fundraising Strategies
  • Market Research and Analysis
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Demographic Research
    • Trend and Growth Analysis
  • Marketing and Advertising Strategies
    • Target Market Study
    • Marketing Strategy
  • Product Development
    • Cost-structure Analysis
    • Life-cycle Analysis
  • Business Plans
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Revenue / Cost Projections


OUR RESULTS speak for themselves, and SIC has received overwhelmingly positive feedback since our inception. Below are just a few excerpts from our client feedback.

We asked for assistance in developing a methodology to establish the monetary value of various types of volunteerism. The parameters included a viable logic model, a valid and widely accepted statistical basis and ease of use. The team exceeded expectation in each area. We have benefited greatly from our experience with SIC and wanted to provide the team's faculty advisors with this brief account of the team's outstanding performance.
- United Way of Gloucester County
Based on SIC's recommendations, Incarnation was able to realize cost reductions totaling over $30,000.
- Incarnation and St. Dominic's Catholic Schools


OUR CLIENTS include a broad range of non-profits, varying in size and mission. Some of our past clients have included:

  • Big Brother Big Sister
  • The Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • The Greater Philadelphia Urban Affairs Coalition
  • The Academy of Natural Sciences

Clients benefit from strategic solutions that specifically target their organization's current issues. Additionally, clients benefit from the comprehensive feedback processes that our consultants receive from world- renowned faculty as well as access to a significant pool of resources available to a premier research institution such as Penn.

Sample Case Studies

Walnut Hill Community Association
The Walnut Hill Community Association (WHCA) is a neighborhood organization for the area of Walnut Hill, directly west of Penn's campus. For many years, the area has lacked a communal gathering place for children, adults and seniors. As a result, neighborhood youth are drawn to antisocial activities, drug involvement, vandalism, and hopelessness. This center would provide much-needed activity space, and would allow neighbors of all ages to congregate in a safe, friendly, and publicly accessible environment. Last semester, the SIC Group completed a market study and gave recommendations on the programming and a suitable location for the center. This semester, the SIC Group is continuing this project by formulating a funding strategy, developing a financial model and developing a marketing strategy for the community center.

Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now
ACORN is the largest community grass roots organization in the country - its primary purpose is to improve low and moderate communities through direct, civic engagement of the residents living within those neighborhoods. ACORN believes that Philadelphia public schools are not well-equipped to educate low-income communities. Last year, they addressed this issue by pushing state legislators to more equitably distribute money to suffering, failing schools. This semester, the SIC Group will be reporting and analyzing data regarding changes in achievement, success, and quality of education among students within these low-income schools as a result of state funding. Furthermore, the SIC Group will explore the "Fair Funding Formula" within public school districts as a means to which funds can be better allocated towards low-income schools.

The Greater Philadelphia Urban Affairs Coalition
GPUAC unites government, business, neighborhoods, and individual initiative to improve the quality of life in the greater Philadelphia region, build wealth in urban communities, and solve emerging issues. As one of the region's premier providers of nonprofit professional services, GPUAC has long been a lifeline to community strength, offering professional services and technical assistance to grassroots organizations and social entrepreneurs. Many of the Coalition member programs are small, grassroots organizations that play critical roles in serving residents, addressing community needs, and sustaining viable communities. This semester, the SIC Group will be working with GPUAC to develop a taxonomy quantifying the tangible and intangible benefits of fiscal sponsorship as well as conduct ROI analysis to find the per dollar return of the program.

The United Way of Gloucester County
The United Way's mission is to encourage and facilitate financial and social capital for nonprofit organizations in the community that attempt to address pressing community needs. The current economic environment has reduced both governmental and charitable support for nonprofit organizations, while a significant increase in the demand for services is being experienced. With no likelihood of increased funding, nonprofit organizations will be required to rely upon volunteers for both traditional and non-traditional assistance. This semester, the SIC Group will work with the United Way to create a monetization model to value the work of volunteers. It will then use this model to create and to justify a 5-year strategic plan on how to increase volunteerism and how to better utilize volunteers.