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OUR HISTORY began in Fall 2007 when a group of five Wharton juniors founded the club. Based on a dream to create a student-run, student-lead club that would represent a marriage between student development and learning and giving back to the community, the Social Impact Consulting Group was created.

After a successful inaugural project, four other projects were launched. Today, we have seven projects and over sixty members. Our staggering growth is entirely based on word-of-mouth and strong reputation we have built within the student community.


WE BELIEVE in providing undergraduates at the University of Pennsylvania with an opportunity to utilize what they have learned in the classroom and apply it in a manner that creates the greatest amount of social impact in our society. We value teamwork, leadership and network and above all else, delivering the best product that we can possibly produce to our clients. As an organization, we really have two sets of clients: the students who volunteer their time, energy, and brain power to the mission of helping others and the non-profits who trust and depend on us.

On the student side, we work in small, well-diversified teams by class and major to reach the final product. In our teams, we value discussion and creative-thinking, leveraging the different experiences and skill sets of our consultants to achieve the optimal mix of flexibility and performance. After working for a semester, team members grow close as teammates and friends and we often sponsor socials for group members to meet outside of a work context.

On the client side, we have regular communication with our clients by their method of choice whether it be email, phone or on site visits. Communication is the key to success. Although our clients vary in terms of scheduling, we expect all our clients to dedicate their time to their project which means being easily accessible to our teams when questions arise.

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